Therapeutic Riding Sessions

We offer five therapeutic riding sessions which are six weeks in length and operate from September through June. Students are organized into groups according to their abilities and riding experience. They participate in a one hour class each week per session.

The riding program is aimed at individuals with physical or emotional and behavioral disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder, Down's Syndrome, Autism, paralysis or brain injuries.

The horses in the LTRA program are matched to the ability and special needs of each individual. When riding a horse, the muscle movement is the same as when walking. So through riding, those with physical injuries such as paralysis or stroke benefit from a balanced workout with symmetrical movement.

Class Schedule

Download our Schedule for session dates and class times. Every student rides once a week at a specific time. Please contact us for availability and more information to join our therapeutic riding sessions.

Who is eligible for our Therapeutic Riding Sessions?

Anyone with a physical or mental disability or behavioral issues on physician's referral. Students must have the Rider Contact, Registration Form and Waiver properly filled out. These forms help the instructor design an appropriate program that is safe and rewarding for the rider.

Participants in our program must be at least three years of age, regardless of the disability, must consult a doctor to evaluate whether this type of program would be beneficial.

The LTRA then works with the doctor or physiotherapist to set goals and design individual programs around these goals. Though fundamental riding skills are taught, the program is designed to attain the many benefits from this type of therapy.

What is the timetable for classes?

Each session of the LTRA riding program includes a one hour lesson, once a week for six weeks. The sessions run from September through June with Summer Therapeutic Camps and Integrated Camps available. 

How are classes set up?

Each class has a maximum of 4 students, within each class students are taught based on their abilities. Any student that is 10 minutes late will not be able to ride.

Safety First

To make riding safe, the right numbers of volunteers need to be scheduled and this may take some time. Thank you for your patience. Dogs are not allowed while classes are in progress.
The LTRA has a weight restriction of 175 lbs (79 kg) in accordance with the CanTRA safety policy.

How much does it cost?

For the 6-week session, it costs $120 plus a $30 yearly membership fee. Credits only given if LTRA cancels a lesson. Classes need to be paid before the session starts.

Dress Code

Long pants, socks, proper footwear includes boots or runners. No tank tops, inappropriate t-shirts, sandals or crocs. Expect to wear boots provided. All cell phone and electronic devices must be turned off.

What does LTRA provide?

The LTRA provides boots, helmets, safety belts and all horse related equipment.

More Information

Please contact us for more information on our program, fees, possible funding alternatives and any other questions you may have.